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Fine handmade papers and hand-carved rubber stamps


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Hello! I'm Kelsey Pike, a papermaker, printmaker, and art teacher in Kansas City, Missouri. Through my business, Sustainable Paper+Craft, I create fine handmade papers and custom, hand-carved rubber stamps. I have been in love with the obscure and tedious art form of hand papermaking since I first tried it in art school in 2009. Turning things like rags and raw plant fibers into paper is a kind of magic! I love the sound of the water, the repetitive motions, the solitude – they put me in a meditative space. My favorite part is peeling the dried sheets and examining them – such a sense of accomplishment. Good craft is important to me and I am continuously studying, practicing and learning to make the best paper. I hope that my paper inspires others to make beautiful things with it.

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