Functional papers made in a sustainable way





The process starts by selecting the proper raw fiber materials for the type of paper desired. Cotton fibers create papers that are thick, soft and bulky, while abaca fibers create paper that is thin and strong. I regularly work with over 15 cellulose materials, from recycled fabrics to raw plant materials, to create a wide variety of papers. Each of them requires special preparation, like sorting, washing or cooking. Then the materials are added to a speciality machine called a Hollander beater. This machine macerates fibers allowing them to swell and absorb water. Each paper type requires special beating treatment, taking anywhere between 3 - 12 hours. 


Once the fiber is pulped, it is dispersed into a vat of water, and the sheets are pulled. I use a set of tools called a mould and deckle, all of which are custom handmade to the sizes of paper that I make. The mould and deckle is scooped through the watery slurry, then expertly shaken, leaving the fibers evenly distributed on the surface of the mesh. Some fiber creeps under the edge of the deckle, creating the beautiful, natural, uneven deckle edges. In an average day, 100-300 sheets of paper are made in this manner. 


Each sheet of paper is removed from the mould using a rocking motion called "couching," from the french "couche" meaning to lay down. Many sheets of paper are stacked together, with interleavings, then the stack of papers, called a post, is pressed using hydraulic pressure to remove water and aid in fiber cohesion. My pressing process takes two hours and involves double pressing to assure the sheets are ready for drying. 


My papers are hung to dry in spurs. This drying method allows my papers to dry quickly, but also extremely flat. When dry, the sheets are peeled, which is my favourite part of the process. I love the sound and the sense of accomplishment examining the finished sheets. The final step is sorting. Papers are graded based on formation quality and imperfections. Only the most perfect sheets are sold for full price. Seconds are sold at a discounted price, and third rate sheets, called "broke" are cut for use in collage packs. The papers are then matured under weight to stabilize their moisture content and to allow the  the internal sizings to activate. 





Standard sizes:

  • 8 x 10 inches

  • 11 x 14 inches

  • 16 x 20 inches

  • 7x7 inches

  • 4x4 inches


Envelopes and flat sheets in stationery sizes, A2, A6, A9

While I have a large selection of moulds and deckles that allow me to make a wide variety of sizes, I can also make paper in any size under 16x20 inches (my press maximum) with a custom order. I am able to make square papers, long strips, or any dimension your special project requires! 

To order paper in a non-standard size, I will take a 50% deposit on the order before starting, and your sheets will be priced 20% above similar standard sizes, due to the extra set-up involved. 

Minimum order quantities:

Between 2-4 inches - 200 sheets

Between 4-8 inches - 100 sheets

Between 8-14 inches - 50 sheets

Between 14-20 inches - 35 sheets ​​


Standard types:

  • 100% Cotton in white, cream, tan, warm grey.

  • Mixed Media - my all purpose fine art blend in 11 colors 

  • Antique tan 

I keep a regular stock of my most popular, standard paper types and colors, but I can do so much more! I can tint paper to any color, including matching from a swatch you provide. (Although I am unable to make papers fluorescent, true black, or bold saturated primaries.) I can make papers from over 15 regular raw materials, or use make pulp from something your provide, like fabric trimmings or a beloved silk shirt. (Materials must be cellulose-based - cotton, linen, hemp, or silk.) We can also make beautiful blends of standard fibers, like cotton with just a hint of speckle, or blush pink with confetti threads. My favourite custom orders are making the perfect paper for your project!


Papers can be ordered in any custom color, of blends of available fibers. I will take a 50% deposit on the order before starting.  For novel pulp types, (such as paper made from materials you provide) pricing will be based on $30 per hour for labor.

Minimum order sizes:

8 x 10 - 60 sheets

11 x 14 - 35 sheets

16 x 20 - 15 sheets


Wholesale, bulk pricing and timing

If additional quantities of stock papers in standard sizes are requested, they will be made at no additional cost, with no deposit or minimum order.


Bulk discount: All ready-to-ship, first-grade papers are eligible for a 20% off bulk discount for orders totaling over 50 sheets (does not include papers under 8x10). Just ask for the code when purchasing. All custom orders are eligible for the bulk discount if they are 5 times the minimum order size. 


Envelopes: all envelopes are made-to-order, and are available in these sizes - A9, A6, A2. Lickable envelope glue can be painted on the flap for a small additional charge. 


Wholesale pricing is available to retailers who will sell the paper at a per-sheet price. Stock papers in standard sizes and at-hand papers are available at 50% off list price. Custom papers must meet twice the minimum order sizes. All orders must total over $75.

Custom paper order will take a mimimim of 2 weeks, but can take as long as 8 weeks depending on the size of the order and current order volume. A rush fee of 30% can be paid to move your order to the top of the queue. 

Example pricing:

1,000 sheets 7 x 7" Antique Tan - each sheet is $1.03 + an additional 20% for the custom size set-up, making each $1.23. Eligible for the 20% bulk discount due to order size. Order took 8 weeks to complete and totaled $984. A deposit equal to one half of the order total was taken before the order was started, and the balance plus shipping was paid when the order was ready to ship. Shipping was $45. 

40 sheets 16 x 20" Mixed Media in Natural- Additional quantities of standard stock requested - usually $6.18 per sheet. Customer needed them quickly, so a 30% rush fee was added, moving this project to the top of the queue. Order took 2 weeks to complete and totaled $329, plus $70 expedited shipping. 

150 sheets 5 x 7" Cotton in custom blue - Custom size and color. Sheets were $0.90 each, totaling $135. The order took 2 weeks to complete and shipping cost $12.