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A little cute, a lot weird

Seed faces are made from recycled paper pulp forced into a doll face mold, then stuffed full of organic, heirloom eatin' sprouting seeds! Like seed bombs or plantable paper, but shaped like faces, just to be weird. 
Available in packs of 25 or 10, you'll get a variety of natural skin tones. The faces vary in age and gender, including a baby and a child. Faces are less than an inch tall. Comes packaged in a small envelope with instructions. 
To grow, place in a small dish with water and keep damp. Within five days, you should have a little crop of sprouts to eat. 
Each face contains a mixture of organic clover, China rose radish, arugula, fenugreek, red and green cabbage. 
A little cute, a lot weird. Have fun watching sprouts come through the faces!


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